The first game we started doing as a team, Enigma Studio, which was developed as the Game Design and Development Specialization capstone project offered by Coursera for the Michigan State University and as project of videogame for the Universidad Continental of Peru.

It's a prototype with a great effort on the part of programming, I think we need many improvements in design, and user experience and interaction but gradually we will improve. :)

Instructions for interact with the Camera:

- Move: With the Directional Keys or by moving the mouse around the edges, or by padding with the Mouse Middle Button.

- Rotate: Keys: 5, 6, 7, 8

- Zoom: Keys: 9, 0 or Mouse Wheel

Instructions for Custom Game:

- You can invoke your Guardian with the Short-Key "X" or by clicking the icon of the Guardian when finished loading, and then clicking anywhere on the field, you can test many types of spells for complete the missions.

- Is you choice "Control Enemies Waves" in the menu, you can invoke new Waves of Enemies by clicking the Next Wave button.


V 0.12:

- New UI of construction

- New logic of Heroic and Contructor Mode, now can't contruct in Heroic mode.

V 0.12.1

- Fix bug of Next Wave Button of Custom Game

- Improvements in the Spell UI and Character UI

- Fix bug of experience bar

- Changed short-keys for constructions to QWER


- Fix bug of Aspect Ratio, now is correct to 16:9


- Added menu of "Confiiguration" -> "Language", now can select between English and Spanish.


EG (51 MB)

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